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Patrick Kearney is currently co-acting in and directing his first full-length feature film, GRACE LAND, which will be largely shot in Belfast, Derry, and Donegal.

The writer's new film evolved from his latest script to his third play 'Church Without Religion, Money, and God As You Know Him'. The play will progress to production in 2019 to mainly tour Irish communities in Britain with an integral post-play discussion workshop an important action research element of the play's planned tour through Scotland, England and Wales.

GRACE LAND and CHURCH WITHOUT RELIGION...will, Kearney said, 'showcase Jesus

as the world's first revolutionary in that He came into the world to do away with religion, and even more beautiful, to liberate mankind from sin - this is why he was murdered.

'The film and play will also reveal how the institutional churches have deliberately failed to communicate to the masses - in order to keep control and power - that we are indeed free of condemnation and sin, because Jesus, through gifting us His grace, did away with both once and for all on the Cross. This is why His dying words were, 'It is finished!

'The film's and play's story is set in Ireland 2016 as the republic marks the Centenary of the Easter Rising in Dublin, 1916, and is told through its two principle characters - a disillusioned, rebellious, backslidden Irish Catholic, and a God-loving, war-ravaged

African whose lust for life is purely driven by his quiet urgency to bring as many

people as he can to turn away from their old self and ways, and to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

'The African's literal grasp of the Bible, which he doesn't so much bash the Irishman with, but rather slips under his nose out of genuine desire to save him from a lost eternity, will hopefully challenge the observer to consider his/her own final destination.'


POET TREE by Patrick Kearney was first published as an e-book by The Stoners' Press on Monday 06 June 2016 on Amazon.

The new book took shape over several years through the writer spending many days in Rathmullan Wood, County Donegal, studying the diverse trees there. With a keen interest in Ireland’s native trees, particularly its ancient oaks, Patrick explains his motives for writing the book, and how he anticipates it being of benefit to many beyond its mere reading:

‘As a writer who for some fifteen years has used creative writing and storytelling as intervention when working with individuals and communities experiencing conflict and mental distress, my awareness and appreciation of the healing value of trees has been greatly heightened when, for example, walking with victims through Rathmullan Wood and witnessing how the fifty shades of green there has an immediate calming affect when each visitor simply allows their eyes and brain to relax and absorb what is essentially a place of immense natural enchantment and tranquillity. Then to sit among the trees and simply be quiet, and to really listen and to hear like never before, I’ve seen victims overwhelmed by the presence of something which I believe to be divine, and begin to let go their emotional pain. The integral process of writing things down and sharing real life stories amidst the trees is often the vital catharsis.

‘Poet Tree, which I dedicate to my young daughter, Tuathla, who as an infant often ran happy, safe and free through Rathmullan Wood, is my humble attempt to pay homage to the beautiful gifts we have in trees, and to encourage others to walk more often among trees, and indeed to care for them, and ultimately to plant some. Ireland at one time was dense with trees. I wonder if the people then were happier than we are today. I would venture that they were.’

Poet Tree features as the centre-piece to creative writing workshops facilitated by the book's author in English and Irish woodland. Individuals and groups interested in attending workshops are invited to contact the writer via the contact details provided.




Patrick Kearney is a writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction featured in numerous plays, publications and creative writing projects since 2000. He achieved a Master of Arts (MA) in the Written & Verbal Arts in 2007 at the University of Ulster. The writer facilitates creative writing workshops, projects and provides other supports for adult and young writers beginning and progressing their writing. He has successfully written and produced plays, creative writing and spoken-word projects in Ireland, Britain, Europe and America commissioned and funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, European Union, International Fund for Ireland, The Big Lottery, Excellence in Cities Britain, Integrated Education in Schools (NI), Electric Aid Ireland, Ulster-Scots Agency, National Health Service, Health Service Executive, Health & Social Care (NI), Royal College of Psychiatry (NI), and city, borough and county councils.


If you would like to participate in a creative writing workshop or project with the writer, please contact Patrick Kearney @:

+353 86 1599 068 (Ireland) / +44 79 3453 5050 (Britain)





Photo image: 'Before The Tide' was taken by the Writer on the beach at Portnamurray, Rathmullan, County Donegal, Ireland, Sept 2007. It featured on the front jacket of the Writer's book, WordFlight, which marked the 4th Centenary of the Flight of the Earls

into exile from Portnamurray in 1607.

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